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The Accidental Boyfriend

The Accidental Boyfriend is my novel concept for Nanowrimo 2014!

My profile is complete, so  feel free to add me as your writing buddy:

My sister came up with the creepy-cool cover concept of a Ken doll with a bloody knife in one hand a flowers in the other. Here’s an interpretation of that concept by:

The Accidental Boyfriend - cover
The Accidental Boyfriend – cover

This is a TEMPORARY cover. I am working with Sprinkles on Top Stuidios for a cover for this book and the series it is part of (Tales from Apartment 815).

Here’s my long synopsis and a modified (and completely unedited) excerpt. Please tell me what you think. Enjoy!

A Sort-of Synopsis

Things are changing for Mona Cavanaugh. She just turned 30 years old, dumped her long-time boyfriend, and is fired from her dream job. After spending a few months soul-searching during a downward spiral, she decides things need to change, only in her favor. A drunken girl’s night out leaves Mona looking for alternative methods to find her Prince Charming. She comes across a mysterious handwritten spell folded inside an old occult book in a used bookstore. Intrigued and willing to take a chance, she casts the spell to find her one true love, and it works. Only it works all too well.

Lex Graves appears as the new guy in the apartment across the hall a few weeks later. He comes to her rescue one day as she is running late for her first day at a new job. From that day on Lex takes an interest in Mona that quickly becomes unhealthy. On the surface, he is everything she has ever wanted in a man, but underneath he is unstable.

It is when Mona rejects Lex that all hell breaks loose. It does not take long before Lex achieves supreme stalker status in Mona’s life. Lex seeks to own Mona in every way imaginable, from getting a job with the same employer, to cozying up with her friends and family behind her back. Slowly but surely he is doing his best to make her look unstable. He hopes to be the Prince Charming to swoop in and save her.

After multiple people from Mona’s past turn up murdered, a homicide detective sets his sights on Mona. She maintains her innocence as Lex’s grip tightens around Mona’s neck. Late in the game, Mona realizes that Lex’s unnatural attachment to her may be due to the spell she cast months before.

Can she undo the chaos caused by the spell, or will she be caught in a viscous cycle she cannot ever escape?


Happy Birthday, Mona Cavanaugh. The words bounce around my head as I watch the waiter refill my wine glass for what must be the sixth time. Maybe it’s seven. I don’t know because I’ve clearly lost track. I took my time with the first few glasses, but I down this glass in one big gulp. What’s supposed to be so happy about birthday’s anyway? It’s my birthday and I can cry if I want to, right? No one notices. Why would they? They are all stuck in their own little bubbles of happiness.

I thought I would be happily married with two children before my thirtieth birthday. When I was a teen I suppose I had a lot of ideas of what being an adult would be like. I always thought I would meet Mr. Perfect in college, since I did not find him in high school, and that we would get married and live happily ever after. To be sitting alone in an expensive restaurant on my birthday while I wait for my boyfriend to appear is certainly not what I wanted. Instead, I’m miserable and I’m letting the waiter drown me with wine. Waiting two hours is long enough, is it not? Two hours of staring at all the couples around me flirt their way through appetizers, entrees, deserts, and mindless chatter. Two hours of checking my phone in the hopes that my boyfriend remembers my existence and is going to tell me he’s rushing to get to me. This was his plan after all: a birthday dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. A romantic idea with horrible follow through. That’s Danny Parker for you: as reliable as a politician promising world peace.

If only I could summon the perfect man. A man who keeps to his word. A man who is responsible, intelligent, compassionate, funny, but also quirky and slightly off-beat. A man who wants me in every way imaginable. A man who would do anything for me. All I want is Prince Charming to come and sweep me off my feet and take care of me forever. Is that so much to ask for?


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