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Nanowrimo: Write-in and write on!

Guess what?! I’ve basically failed my first week of Nanowrimo, only achieving approximately 4K. I went through an uninspired lull, followed by promoting two book releases and formatting a book! I’m happy to let you know that the pity-party is over and I’m back into high gear!

LAST NIGHT: I finally completed an outline of my story. Even while mapping it out I realized a lot of smaller details I don’t want to forget. I’m also in the process of completing character profiles and scene analysis. I’ve got enough material here for a 100K novel! If I can write 3500 or so words per day I will actually have The Accidental Boyfriend completed by the end of the month.

TODAY: I’m at the Panera in Anderson. I’m currently one hour into a three-hour write-in! I’ve got yummy food and I’m actually making progress.



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