Review: Indebted

Indebted by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read the fine print before you offer yourself as payment for a debt!

Indebted is a magnificent departure for J.L. Beck! She has woven a story rife with love, lies, and backstabbing. On one hand, you have Alzerro, who is a Mafia boss. Although quite young, he rules with impunity. He is ruthless and not to be crossed. On the other hand is Bree, who is just a girl trying to save her father’s life. She ends up offering herself to pay for her father’s debt. What ensues is a relationship that has sparks flying from the very start. While Alzerro is distracted by Bree, someone is working to take him down. Who? Well you are just going to have to read Indebted to find out.

Writing a mafia story can be tricky. I think Beck did a magnificent job weaving a story that is action packed, sexy, and leaves the reader guessing. The cliffhanger alone is perfectly marvelous. This lady knows how to write a cliffhanger that leaves you begging for more! I am positive the next installment will be every bit as exciting! *****FIVE STARS*****

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