Review: Chosen

Chosen by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Buckle up.. Emma is a Nascar driver in her spare time…

This series is thrilling, to say the least! I came into the series well after it was completed, so I was able to binge read through all of it this past spring. I’ve since read the entire series again! Out of all of Denise’s books, my mind is always floating around in this universe the most.

The protagonists of this series are people who have got a lot of growth ahead of them. Emma Thompson, not to be confused with the actress, is such a strong woman, and her son, Jake, is an angel. (My best friend’s oldest child shares the same name, so I may be biased!) That kid is probably the WISEST character in the series. He’s so so so so young, and goes through so much, but somehow he stays strong and has wisdom well beyond his years. I immediately became invested in their well-being. From the start I did not trust Will Davenport, and with good reason. With that said, Will is NOT a bad guy. He’s fiercely protective. And plays a HUGE role in the series. Don’t ever count him out.

The story of Chosen is one about an epic fight of good versus evil. It really is that simple. You’ve got multiple players in a game who all want the same prize. At times in Chosen, just the first in the series, it’s not exactly clear WHY Emma and Jake are running, but you have to hang in there to learn it all. The journey is worth it and it’s a fun ride. By the end of this novel, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be begging for more! The good news is that there’s three more novels and three accompanying short stories. Happy reading! *****FIVE STARS*****

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