The Worm has a few things to say.

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The Bookworm Box

A few announcements from The Worm.

1) In order to open up sales for more boxes in future months, we will now be featuring more than two authors per month. This means that not every featured box will contain the same two books.  If you see a picture posted of a box and then you receive your box and the contents aren’t the same as the box you saw your friend receive, we don’t want you to throw tomatoes.  Unless they’re fluffy tomatoes made of cashmere.  We are doing this because not every author can send more than 200 books.  Therefore some may send 100, some may send 400.  But we will ensure that each featured box is filled with two books that the majority of the population will be super delighted with.

2) My sister (Lin) posted a picture of me multi-tasking.  In front of me was a copy of…

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