Review: Hunted

Hunted by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hunt or be hunted

I love this series, but I initially found Hunted lacking the spark of Chosen. That doesn’t matter to me because it serves as a perfect transition for the series into a few short stories and two more novels. The story does pick up rather quickly, as there’s a lot going on.

Emma was infuriating in this part of the story as well, but it’s justified because of all the insanity she’s dealing with. Her son taken by a mad man, she’s traveling with a man she barely knows, two factions are hunting her down, and a creeper dude showing up when she least expects it wherever she goes. Try dealing with that yourself. Will’s bestie, James, is pretty awesome. He seems like a typical insecure guy who talks a lot of crap. He’ll get no hate from me.

Now let’s talk about Raphael… I really liked him in my first read through even though I was sure he wasn’t at all trustworthy. His creep factor was OFF THE CHARTS. But he also has this essence about him that’s alluring. He’s the perfect new character for the story. Right through the end. My opinion on him definitely changed by the end of the series, but here he’s kind of wonderful. Unlike Alex.

Hunted is a great transitional novel and well worth the read. I love this series, so I’m obviously biased. ****4.5 STARS****

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