Review: Off the Subject Box Set

Off the Subject Box Set
Off the Subject Box Set by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A trilogy of feels!

I have written reviews of previous (individually) verified purchases and posted them below!

The aftermath of After Math
I started out kind of hating this story. I may just be too critical as I’m not a big fan of contemporary romance. However, After Math won me over in the end!

Yes, it was a boy meets girl and they fall in and out and back into love type of story. I appreciated the fact that Scarlett and Tucker had dark histories and issues to confront. I did not appreciate that their relationship moved so fast, but that issue was covered within the plot of their tale. I found myself rooting for them to make their relationship work out.

Denise wrote a story that reels you in and sets you firmly in Scarlett’s shoes. I’d give After Math a 4.5, but this ratings doesn’t system work that way. Five stars.

Not so sweet Caroline
I hate to say this, but Redesigned is probably my least favorite DGS book to date. She’s an excellent writer. I feel like this is more a reflection on me than it his her writing. I’m just not into this specific genre and I read it out of a place of wanting to branch out. I now know my limitations.

I LOVED Reed and despised Caroline. She was insufferable. I was curious about her from her interactions in After Math, but I couldn’t stand her story. She was selfish, self-centered, and only got out of pity mode after the fabulous rich guy fell for her. My back ground isn’t too dissimilar from hers, but I’m certainly not destined for a HEA. There’s more than overcoming your past than simply aiming for more dollar signs and marrying into a higher social status. Ultimately I think that’s where the story ended up, but the journey was infuriating.

If you’re truly into new-adult college romance, then this is the book for you. There’s steamy sex, plenty of angst, and enough emotional insecurity to warrant some self reflection and maybe a little therapy. 🙂 Denise is a fantastic writer and I think I’m going to stick to her urban fantasies and sci-fi work. ***3.5 STARS***

Anything but Business as Usual
Writing this review was never going to be easy, because I found this story simultaneously too close to home, and so far from reality that I haven’t been able to reconcile how I feel about it since I first read it. Business as Usual is by and large the best book in the Off the Subject series.

Lexi and Ben couldn’t be more perfect and deserving of each other. Their journey was beautiful, heartwarming, and all around wonderful (well… when their journey finally started 1/3 of the way through the book.) I was suspicious of Ben for a while, but it quickly became clear that he was innocent and his ex was a complete nutcase. Reed was kind of an overbearing jerk (in Redesigned it didn’t seem as off-putting, but here I wanted to punch him.) Yes, everything was okay by the end, but gosh. He just needed to back off and let his sister live her own darn life. Finally, there’s Tina. I think we can just delete her from the story and forget she ever existed. Is that okay with you?!

Business as Usual is a good story, so don’t let me distaste for the genre change your mind. Denise is a wonderful writer and this story of healing might just be the right thing for you! ****4 STARS****

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