Review: Replica

Replica by Shannon Mayer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One Thing is Not Quite Like the Other

Replica is one of those series installments that is better than the first. The Blood Borne series has been a pleasant surprise. I make it no secret that I’m sick and tired of vampire and werewolf stories. This series takes what you think you know about that kind of mythology, chews it up, and throws it back at you. The writing between Shannon Mayer and Denise Grover Swank was seamless, more so than in the first book, Recombinant.

The story dives in right where Recombinant left off. A character who you believe to be dead pops up unexpectedly to make matters even more complicated. After that it turns into a global hunt for Stravinsky. You’re then quickly introduced to two new, important characters. This is where my four-star rating comes into play. Everything about this book was superb, except the insta-lust of both Ivan and Antonio. They’re wonderfully complex characters, driven by their own agendas to aid Lea and Rachel. However, I found the constant lusty driven motivation tiring. Lea and Rachel are such strong women that I found the hormonal, and a times juvenile, approach of Ivan and Antonio to be completely unnecessary. Even the responses of Lea and Rachel to Ivan and Antonio felt uncharacteristic for the heroines, Sure, a little romance factor wouldn’t hurt anyone, but it wasn’t integral to the plot as a whole. Strip that away and you still have an amazing story that’s well worth reading.

From one chapter to the next the surprises and action were non-stop. If the majority of the characters weren’t of some sort of supernatural background, I’m sure they would have keeled over from exhaustion about half way through the book! I’m sure I would have! Just when you think they’re going to have a chance to breathe and take stock of matters, something crazy happens that spirals the characters into a new direction.

The grand plot of catching and stopping Stravinksy mutates into an even bigger plan. I’m VERY excited about the next installment. All in all, Replica is one insanely heart-pounding ride that kept me turning the virtual pages. ****FOUR STARS****

I received an advance copy to review, and also purchased my own ebook because I’m a fan-girl and dedicated like that.

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