Review: Not Quite Right

Not Quite Right
Not Quite Right by Lyla Payne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If Not Quite Right were to be the end of Lyla Payne’s Low Country Mysteries, it would stand as the perfect ending! However, it’s only the end of this part of the story. Which is such a relief, because I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to Heron Creek, SC! I read through it in lightning fast speed. It was a roller coaster ride…something I probably have said for each book in the series thus far. And it’s true.

What I wanted most was for things to work out, and for the most part it did by the end of the epilogue. There’s the curse, Mama Lottie, Det. Travis, Amelia’s depression and her unborn baby, the strained relationship between Gracie and Beau, Mel and Will, Leo, Lindsay, and Marcella. Plus Gracie’s father, Clete and everything else! Everybody has something or someone to lose at this point. With that much on the line, I couldn’t sleep until I finished reading the book. I was that anxious.

If you had asked me if I would be rooting for Brick Drayton three books ago, I would have said you’re stark raving mad. Yet he has fully won me over. I’ve got to applaud Lyla for his character development. Now for Travis: After the revelation of his possible lineage in Not Quite Clear, I wanted to slap him for being so secretive.

At the risk of revealing spoilers, I can’t in good conscious dish out any more of what happened. Just know that I’m really satisfied with how everything turned out. I had a lot of feels reading Not Quite Right, probably the most I’ve felt while reading any of the Low Country Mysteries. There’s still places to go. Ghosts who need to move on. Relationships that need mending.

I’m looking forward to what Not Quite Mine will bring without the heavy stress that has hung like a cloud over the last few books in the series. Now I need to make sure I pay a visit to Drayton Hall the next time I visit my friends in Summerville and Charleston! 🙂 *****FIVE STARS*****

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