Review: Not Quite Mine

Not Quite Mine
Not Quite Mine by Lyla Payne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review reveals a major spoiler and itty bitty almost-spoilers, so ye be warned!

Not Quite Mine may be my favorite installment of the Low Country Mysteries so far! Things have settled down now that Mama Lottie is out of the way. I found the primary mystery to be heartbreaking. I felt SO BAD for Ellen and how things turned out for her. In life she was a lost soul and ended up that way in death. I broke down crying when she saw her son, and he was able to see her. That was SO well done! A little bit later I cried again when Trent met him for the first time.

I LOVED getting to meet one of the other Boone kids. I’m dying to know more about what happened with Trent, Leo, Lindsay, and their father. Trent is a wonderful guy and I hope to see him interacting more with the other Boones in future books. As for the B mystery, I was heartbroken for that ghost, too! Daria always seems a little out of her depth, so I’d love to see a day in her life solely from her perspective. Finally, of course Henry Woodward is still hanging around. It’ll be a sad day when he moves on.

As for everyone else: Amelia seems to be doing better. Brick has grown on me more than ever, though he was largely out of the picture in this installment. I’m loving Leo more with every book that passes. I despise love triangles, but the series seems to be headed that way with Gracie, Beau, and Leo. Cade Walters is a new addition to the story, but I’m not sure if I trust him yet. Last, but not least, is the situation with Frank and Dylan Travis… I’m happy for Gracie. There’s still more to discover between their dysfunctional trio, but the potential for a healthy familial relationship with Gracie and Dylan is wonderful!

Not Quite Mine was a satisfying read! There’s not much I can find to criticize! I can’t wait for the next book! *****5 STARS*****

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