Review: Only You

Only You
Only You by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Only You, book one of Denise Grover Swank’s newest series, The Bachelor Brotherhood, is so darn sweet it might give you a toothache! Having read The Wedding Pact series, the books this spin-off series is based on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I want to come right out and say that I DID NOT like Kevin Vandermeer’s character in the first trilogy. I thought he was overtly brute and all around unlikable. With that said, I fell head over heels for Kevin in Only You.

Here you get to see that Kevin is just a normal guy. He’s retired from the Marines and in a transition period. Seeing the story from his point of you helps you (*me) realize he’s super protective of his little sister. I had more in common with him than expected, though the similarities are microscopic. He’s 33/34 years old just like me (both were stated in the story), and feeling that tug that I’m feeling now. Do I stay single? Play the field? Find someone and settle down with a family? It’s a weird time. You feel equally invincible and lost. At least I do.

What comes into play is Megan, Kevin’s mischievous younger sister and the notorious bride-to-be from The Substitute. She finds him a money pit house next to a cute blonde. All of this you can read in the free chapters already posted online. From there the story is ADORABLE. Kevin and Holly (said neighbor) end up doing this kind of tip-toe tango around Kevin’s mother.

Many familiar characters from The Wedding Pact series make an appearance in one way or another. One character you can’t get rid of is Knickers (Nicole Vandermeer – the Emily Gilmore of the family). She’s absolutely insufferable and seems to exist solely to torment those around her. I think she means well on some level, but sucks at conveying that meaning in a positive light. You can’t miss Gram when she’s on the page. She provides A LOT of comedic relief as usual!

I would highly recommend this series for fans of romantic comedy and/or Denise’s writing. She’s got a peculiar way of writing a fun and happy story while still tugging on your heartstrings. I know I’m a greedy reader, but it ends without resolve with other character’s in both Kevin and Holly’s lives. I’m sure that will all be addressed in some form or another in the books to come. The only downfall I could find in this story is the very abrupt ending.

I bestow a solid 4 stars on this sweet romcom! ****

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