Review: For the Birds

For the Birds
For the Birds by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Denise Grover Swank hit For the Birds out of the park! I could not put my Kindle down. In fact, the ONLY reason I stopped reading was because I was running through airports. When one reads a Rose Gardner book, you go in expecting her to end up in some sort of chaos. This installment is no exception. It’s a fast-paced read, complete with a talkative bird, Mrs Mildred being her “charming” self, and bad guys out for blood. Altogether this is otherwise known as a regular day in the fictitious world of Henryetta and Fenton!

What IS exceptional is how Rose handles herself. She has grown more than I would have imagined early on in the “mystery” series of books. I know I’ve said this a lot before, and it still rings true now: watching her journey is so much fun! Of course she ends up in the craziest of situations; it wouldn’t be a Rose Gardner book otherwise!

I enjoyed the evolution of her relationship with a certain King of the Fenton County criminal underworld. With that being said… IF their relationship evolves further, I don’t really see it lasting. Or maybe they’re enough to balance each other out? I don’t know. Levi has been a little too flat and eager for me to truly like him… so much that I wonder if he has ulterior motives?! I’ve got trust issues…

It goes without saying that Neely Kate is the best friend that Rose could have ever hoped for. Their relationship as BFFs grows more with each book (read Trailer Trash if you haven’t already!) I also loved seeing even more of Jed. With each book he becomes more than just the bodyguard. He and Neely Kate are magnificent together. Jed and Skeeter definitely have some of their own relationship issues to deal with after this book. Joe has been relegated to background character status, but that’s okay because he’s always there… the growth of his character is truly evident even with his lesser “book” presence. A pleasant surprise was getting to see Violet again too! She and Rose certainly have a long way to go, but I’m sure they’ll work out their differences.

I cannot recommend For the Birds enough! This entire book is mostly about relationships, knowing who to trust, and figuring out how to trust yourself. It’s fun and packs a few punches when you least expect it. *****FIVE STARS*****

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