I attempted the NaNoWriMo “camp” for July and managed only 10,000 words on my current work in progress. I have now paused this project while I work on my November NaNoWriMo book!

I’m writing something entirely new for NaNoWriMo this November. It’s called The Accidental Boyfriend and will be all kinds of fabulous! Please read this blog post to find out more: The Accidental Boyfriend

I am also going to finish a story I started when I was a teenager. I doubt I’ll ever seek to have it published, but it is something I would like to see completed. After I figure out this whole copyright stuff (hey, I don’t want people stealing my hard work) I will post it here for your enjoyment. Whoever you are. You crazy stalker. 🙂 Or maybe shop it around. I don’t know!

I am also planning on a “series” of short stories based on the many, frequent, crazy dreams I have. They’re usually not pleasant, so expect the freaky!

Here’s a collection of resources I cannot live without:



Daily Writing Tips

The Elements of Style

Factmonster: Grammar and Spelling



Free eBook Formatting & Marketing Guides for Writers

Josh Vogt’s Writer Resources <— Links to just about any type of writing resource/advice conceivable!

Jami Gold – For Writers <— Even MORE useful writer resources!

Your Guide To An Effective Novel Synopsis

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon)

Kobo Writing Life

iBooks Author: iBooks Store Publishing Overview (hint: you need a MAC)

Smashwords: Publish Your Book

Nook Press (Barnes & Noble)

If you would like to know more about my current works in progress, please fill out the following form to contact me directly! Thank you for your interest.

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